Uncharted Territories in "Empirical" Audience Research


  • Kirsty Sedgman University of Bristol


Sedgman considers the question of what spectatorship and audience research is most pressing in the contemporary context.

Author Biography

Kirsty Sedgman, University of Bristol

Kirsty Sedgman is a lecturer in theatre at the University of Bristol. She specializes in researching theatre audiences, studying topics including engagement, experience, community, fandom, response, and cultural value. She has published two monographs—Locating the Audience: How People Found Value in National Theatre Wales (2016, Intellect) and The Reasonable Audience: Theatre Etiquette, Behaviour Policing, and the Live Performance Experience (2018, Palgrave)—along with a variety of journal articles and chapters. Kirsty is currently engaged in a three-year British Academy postdoctoral research fellowship investigating regional theatre audience engagement through time. www.kirstysedgman.com, @kirstysedgman