Dance Machine: Reflections on the Installation Dance Machine, by Lee Su-Feh


  • Daisy Thompson Simon Fraser University


In this work, I draw upon the experiences of various guest artists, including myself, who acted as "hosts" in the interactive performance installation Dance Machine by Vancouver dance artist Lee Su-Feh. As a space for the body to play, Dance Machine resists the forward-moving logics of political and economic progress. Having no front or back, Dance Machine is to be encountered from all sides. Rather than seeking a forward direction, the idea of becoming entangled in its multidirectional pathways becomes a departure point to question the entangled connections of body, land, technologies, disciplines, and institutions.

Author Biography

Daisy Thompson, Simon Fraser University

Daisy Thompson trained in dance at The Laban Centre, London. She holds an MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts from Simon Fraser University, where she is currently pursuing her PhD in the School for the Contemporary Arts.