Introduction: Circus and Its Others


  • Karen Fricker Dramatic Arts, Brock University
  • Hayley Malouin magazine


In this introduction, co-editors Karen Fricker and Hayley Malouin provide an overview of the Circus and Its Others research project, of which this issue is the first major published outcome. Along with providing an overview of the twenty-three articles in the issue, they explore the emergence of contemporary circus and circus scholarship, the mythology of circus as subversive, and the elusiveness of the concept of "Other" that is at the centre of the issue and the project as a whole.

Author Biographies

Karen Fricker, Dramatic Arts, Brock University

Karen Fricker is an assistant professor of dramatic arts at Brock University and a theatre critic at the Toronto Star. In addition to contemporary circus, her areas of research include the original stage work of Robert Lepage, the Eurovision Song Contest, and the evolution of theatre criticism in the digital age.

Hayley Malouin, magazine

Hayley Rose Malouin is the web editor for magazine, a professional Canadian theatre magazine examining the intersections of politics, cultural diversity, social activism, and the stage. She writes and teaches theatre criticism and holds a master's degree in studies in comparative literature and art. @hayleymalouin