Subjective Object and Everything and Nothing


  • Jane Long Johns Hopkins University


A pig and a pig, a monarch and a viceroy butterfly, a sprinkle and a microscopic E. coli bacterium? Nature and the natural is a complex story, Astroturf and freshly cut grass in July, a clean pristine surface and a surface breeding with infectious strains. A beautiful simultaneous world. Every thing more than it appears. Subjective Object is a three-part video work that explores the subjectivity that inheres the objective and Everything and Nothing is its elaboration within, as, and beyond a lab notebook. 

Author Biography

Jane Long, Johns Hopkins University

Jane Long creates experimental video, performances, and objects at the intersection of art, science, and everything in between; where languages come undone and epistemic dissonances emerge. She remixes and jumbles scientific and medical images, points of view, and preoccupations to delve into discursive in-betweens, incomplete recursions, uncomfortable feelings, and indulgent futile gestures to talk about things we can’t and don't talk about. Jane received an MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and a Bachelor of Science from Yale. She is currently based at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore.